3 Days That Changed the World

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Every aspect of salvation, i.e. born again, healed, delivered, blessed, prospered, protected, made whole, set apart, and all that’s promised in Christ, is dependent on what we believe about the resurrection of Jesus. Most twenty first century Christians believe in the historical account of the resurrection of Jesus while rejecting the biblical account!

We don’t believe the biblical account of the resurrection until we believe the biblical account of His death from the cross to the throne. That’s why Isaiah 53, which gives God’s account of what occurred on the cross, starts with the words,Who has believed our report?

In this incredible series you will:

  • Learn God’s report of the cross
  • Share in the exchanged life with the resurrected Lord
  • Find out what really happened after Jesus died
  • Discover the secret to resurrection power
  • Identify the missing element to faith in Jesus
  • Share in the element of New Covenant realities
3 Days That Changed the World

Salvation wasn’t finished on the cross; salvation was finished after Jesus sat down at the right hand of the Father and received the inheritance which He freely shares with all who believe.

3 Days That Changed the World is an absolute must for every believer who desires to live in resurrection power! You don’t know New Testament faith until you know what happened from the cross to the throne!