The first door to the secret place is my heart; the second door is God’s heart!

The first door to the secret place is my heart; the second door is God’s heart!The Hebrew word for “secret place” is a picture of being in a secret, special place to spend time with God and receive truth for our lives. Based on other Scriptures about God’s intimacy, especially from the Song of Solomon, one could easily conclude the secret place as the one where He takes His lover to share in secret that which is not for anyone else to see or hear. This is a picture of a reciprocal love that God desires with all His children. We vainly expect the “deeper” realities of God to be the result of studying or serving. Both of those are valuable and essential, but they are not relational.

Believers who pray, meditate, and listen (to obey), hear and access the promises of God that others do not, are those who seek God Himself more than what God has to offer. The difference is made clear in the event of Mary and Martha who both loved Jesus: Mary chose the good part (Luke 10:41-42), to be close to the Lord, while Martha chose to be busy with the details. And, again, in the parable of the prodigal son, the elder son experienced the benefits of closeness, not through perfection or earned benefits, but simply because he remained in fellowship with the father.

As a born-again believer, you are the Bride of Christ and this unconditional offer of intimacy and involvement and all the promises has been extended to you personally. Who you are to Him grows from your personal involvement and intimacy and the ZOE life of God is experienced. In the Secret Place of God, you internally live, move, and have your being in a realm that cannot be seen or heard by those who do not experience it!

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