God’s purpose for you is to be in a relationship with Him!We have thought the two great opposites of New Testament faith were law and grace, but that’s not actually correct. The two juxtaposed positions are actually legalism and relationship. There are many people who believe in grace but are still not seeking a relationship. In fact, in this new, let’s-make-it-easy, politically correct religious environment many who believe in grace use it as an excuse not to develop a relationship!

If we are not pursuing a deep personal relationship with God our theology is of little consequence. God’s purpose for you is to be in a relationship with Him! Everything else, whether the doctrine is correct or corrupt, is religion even if the doctrine is correct!

My relationship with my wife, kids, grandkids and friends bring me great pleasure. It’s not the gifts they give me for Christmas; it’s not the nice things they may say about me. It’s the sharing of our lives through love, trust and communication.

I want to help you simplify your walk with God while at the same time bringing the quality of your life to all it should be in Jesus, JOIN ME this week and let’s talk about this relationship that brings so much pleasure to God!