our role in eternity is based on how we served God and the world in this life!This is another  paradox. When we appear before the judgment seat of Christ we will all hear “well done”, but that does not mean we will all reap the same rewards. The younger generation has become so Socialist in their thinking that they cannot conceive of the idea of rewards, but it is a consistent biblical theme.

All of our works will pass through the fire. Those things done for selfish motives, those things not based on truth and love will burn. The only works which remain are what we did motivated by love and based on God’s truth. Those things are worthy to be presented to our Lord and King as a gift of love and worship! For whatever remains we will hear “well done,” but our role in eternity is based on how we served God and the world in this life!

So how does one live with the possibility of rewards but never get into performance and dead works? That only happens when your love for God is such that it motivates you to do what you do. I love my relationship with Brenda. She treats me really well all the time. When we appreciate the way anyone treats us it affects how we treat them as well as how we view and respond to their requests. We love to bring pleasure to those we deeply love.

JOIN ME this week and find that place where everything you do for people and for God flows from that place of knowing how much pleasure you bring to God. This is the most peaceful, fulfilling place and stress-free dimension one could ever hope for!

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