Because of the way man was created we are drawn toward what we believe will bring us pleasure (good) and withdraw from what we believe will bring us pain (evil).

You are called to and promised the same quality of life that God Himself possesses.In the internal hierarchy – the process through which all decisions are made – is our anticipation of pain and pleasure (good and evil). We will risk the possibility of pain if the reward is certain and if it offers the expectation of enough pleasure. We will, on the other hand, forego any pleasure that is not gratifying enough to warrant the risk of pain.

By twisting the truth, religion yanks the promise of Kingdom living right out of our hands under the pretense that pain and suffering are part of our Godly education, our Master’s degree to growth and maturity in Christ. One of man’s greatest fears is the unknown, and like Adam, we are uncomfortable walking an unknown path even when that path can lead to something enjoyable.

Jesus offered one way to live in the joy and pleasure man had, in the Garden, before the fall, and that is the Kingdom of God within! You are called to and promised the same quality of life that God Himself possesses. This ZOE life, referred to by Jesus as the Kingdom of Heaven, represents all of God’s heavenly resources, which He offers freely to you that you may literally experience heaven here on earth!

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