What you think today will become your beliefs; your beliefs will become your reality!

The thoughts of the mind are the doorkeeper of the heart. The thoughts of the mind are the doorkeeper of the heart. What we think about ultimately determines what gets into our heart. Our thoughts are the measure we meet, concerning the Word of God we hear. According to Jesus, this is the one factor determining the quantity and quality of life that we derive from the Word we hear.

The words “heaven” and “mind” have nearly identical meanings in the original language; therefore, people understood from the beginning, and even more clearly after listening to Jesus’ teaching, that the way we think and believe is essential for entering the Kingdom realm. When Jesus stated that the Kingdom did not come by outward observation but was found within, He was not saying anything new. The problem was, however, the religious rulers were not interested in a Kingdom that was within, one that required repentance and transformation. The reason we do not experience the quality of life offered by Kingdom living is simply our refusal to surrender our view and opinion to God. We would rather be right than whole.

When you renew your mind to create an awareness of the promises and provision of God through the Lord Jesus, that eventually becomes the beliefs of your heart. If you notice and celebrate all the good things of God, you will have heaven in your mind. Eventually, you will have heaven in your heart. When the heart and mind come into agreement, you create and experience a new reality.

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