For the selfish to live in paradise, the rest of the world has to live in hell!

For the selfish to live in paradise, the rest of the world has to live in hell!In the prescription to love our neighbor as ourselves, we encounter one of the most important foundational truths in all of Jesus’ teaching. It provides the most significant understanding of God’s will and original intention for mankind, opening the door to theological interpretation concerning all matters. It is the cornerstone of New Covenant theology, as it should have been for the Old Covenant. It is the supreme guide to understanding everything God has ever said or done, and it defines the New Covenant believers’ connection to the Old Testament commandments. It identifies the narrow path that leads to Kingdom life, and more than any Word ever uttered by God, it determines whether we are surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus or passive workers of iniquity.

Today’s culture sees walking in love, mercy and forgiveness as weakness. They have no desire for those characteristics. They do not want the Kingdom that God is promising. They do not want to walk in love; they do not want to prefer anyone above themselves. Yet, they daily bemoan the pain of the life they have chosen, and because it is the life they have chosen, God will not violate their will.

You can choose to begin walking in love. You can determine yourself smarter than God, get the version of heaven you create, or you can trust God, your Creator, and enter a dimension beyond your wildest dreams.

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