World Changer Letters

From Dr. Jim Richards

August 2020

As you know, our mission statement is: changing the way the world sees God! For us, it’s not a slogan or a catchy statement used to impress. By following Jesus’ model of ministry, we are able to influence massive numbers of people around the world. I was in a very...

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July 2020

One of the most challenging things I have to do in the midst of difficult situations is to find ways to be encouraging. I always want to point you to faith-based solutions, but many times, I must explain the problem so you understand how to develop your biblical life...

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June 2020

It doesn’t take a great mind to realize our country and the world is in great peril. This is not the kind of trouble that goes away; even if the immediate crisis ends, those who provoke and benefit from these crises will not stop until they have destroyed our country...

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Instead of writing you a letter this month, I’m sharing this important video. This same message was shared with our Ultimate Impact Group, but since it’s the "month of love," I thought you’d enjoy it, too. As always, I want to continue to invest in you as you invest...

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