When we love God we do everything possible to avoid breaking His heart.We must remember we are created in the likeness and image of God; therefore, God has similar emotional characteristics as we do. Jesus was the exact representation of God and He wept for sorrow over what was happening to His people!

More than anything else God depicts Himself as a Father. There is no one more emotionally vulnerable than a loving parent. We bring a child into the world and the more we care for them, the more our bond with them grows. As I have stated, since giving to others causes us to bond to them, children who never give back, never actually bond with the parents in a healthy manner! I have ministered to thousands of parents who, after sacrificing their entire life for their children, are devastated when their children abandon them!

God gives and demands nothing back, but He does offer a relationship. He gives because He loves; He teaches through His Word so we can have the best. He makes all the sacrifices. His love is not perfected, i.e. brought to its goal until we express love back to Him and to His children. When we take God’s kindness and never love Him it breaks His heart. When we love God we do everything possible to avoid breaking His heart. JOIN ME this week and begin to experience a new appreciation for the faithfulness and continual goodness of God!