Creating Divine Connections

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All across the world, we are facing a new epidemic that is driving people to extreme behavior, addictions, and a myriad of difficulty and sometimes dysfunction. It isn’t a disease of the physical body and it isn’t a mental illness. It is a disease of the soul! This crippling menace to society is LONELINESS!

I’m sure you’re wondering how it’s possible to be lonely at a time when it is nearly impossible to be alone. One of the major complaints of many of the loneliest people alive is, “I never have any time to myself.” When you add to this the fact that anyone can gain a social media following that instantly puts them in communication with hundreds and sometimes thousands of people, it seems impossible that anyone could ever be alone.

In this Heart Healing series you will:

  • Learn that loneliness is not about being alone, it is about not connecting emotionally
  • Understand that the more people we know the more our loneliness is accentuated in the absence of meaningful connections
  • Discover that man was not created to be healthy if living in emotional isolation
  • Understand that giving our lives for others and making sacrifices doesn’t necessarily cause people to love, value or even bond with us
  • Gain insight into Jesus’ warning to never cast your pearls before swine
Creating Divine Connections
  • Discover the biblical way to connect with God and people
  • Finally develop the tools for identifying and avoiding abusive, codependent relationships
  • Know what to do when you feel like God is nowhere to be found!

Caution, you are entering the no-theory zone. All of Dr. Richards’ teachings are biblically-based, ministry-tested and proven by his personal walk with Jesus.