Quote for Blog - 081916That’s not actually true. Satan was defeated at the resurrection of Jesus, stripped of principality (rank) and power (right). Satan is no longer the being he was before the fall; he no longer has that rank and he has no authority over mankind.

The reason deceit and lies are his main tools is the only way he can harm you is if you agree to it or make it happen by ungodly actions. If he had the power and authority to kill the human race he would have done it long ago.

After the resurrection of Jesus he was cast out of Heaven, Revelation 12:10-12. He knows he has but a short time before he is locked away eternally, that’s why he has such fierce wrath. Since he has lost the battle with God, has no authority over man and is doomed to eternal death, his only pleasure is to destroy what God loves, John 10:10.

Our only struggle with Satan is when we choose to trust any philosophy, concept or logic that is not based on God’s Word. When we set ourselves in opposition to the truth we are in opposition to God. SO our battle is always in our mind, trust God or trust the World’s System. God always bring life. Everything else always brings death.

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