Quote for Blog - 082216While there are some aspects of Jesus being the light of the world, without an understanding of history and the people to whom John was writing the deeper meanings are usually missed.

John’s writing had the greatest value and appeal to the non-Jewish world. The Jews tended to interpret God’s Word and establish their theories of application based on legalism. But the Gentile world tended to interpret God’s Word from their occult philosophies. Both groups were controlled by their culture.

The occultists say that Lucifer is the true light bearer. They believe he brought man knowledge in the Garden of Eden and that knowledge set man free from the oppression and control of a legalistic God. Their view of God came from Lucifer’s intention to deceive the world into not trusting God. All representation of God’s Word being legalistic codes and rules emerged from Luciferian thought and is aimed at undermining your trust for the true God.

As the True Light, Jesus showed exactly who God was. He exposed the fallacy of legalistic religion. He showed us that God is love, everything He does is from the motive of love and when properly interpreted and applied, the Word of God will ALWAYS lead us to love God, love people and love ourselves. If our interpretation of God’s Word doesn’t do this we are not seeing it through the true light: The Lord Jesus.

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