Quote for Blog - 082316It’s hard to believe that any being, human or angelic, could see what he has seen and still rebel; but there’s an essential lesson in his rebellion. Ezekiel 28:15-17 describes the entire process.

His wisdom was corrupted by the reasoning based on his brightness. The word “reason” has the element of taking something too far. It’s a form of extrapolation, which begins understanding or defining something unknown based on the actual facts, but going too far.

Lucifer was a created being, all his splendor and greatness was a gift from God. Instead of giving glory to God for how he was created he became filled with pride. Pride is when we exalt our opinion above God’s opinion. Once pride comes into our heart iniquity enters. This is why the Scripture says he was perfect until iniquity was found in him.

The human race lives in a world God created.  All of our mental capacity is a gift from God, yet we create false science and human philosophy that we trust more than God’s Word. (If you have any doubts about the scientific validity of creation of the universe or the creation of man as presented in the Bible read my book, Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming.)

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