Quote for Blog - 082416At first glance it seems to be saying darkness doesn’t understand the light and there is actually much truth to that. The things of God are spiritually discerned, they are not intellectually calculated. If we choose to believe what the Bible says just because it has been intellectually explained, it is simply information.

When we need an intellectual explanation to trust God’s Word we are putting God on trial. We judge Him to be true if it meets our scrutiny. Of course, any belief that is taken because of intellectual persuasion can be persuaded to believe something else.

Truth is meant to be experienced first, then understood. This is completely backwards from the world’s point of view. While we all begin with intellectual input, it must be believed and actuated in the heart. In fact, Hebrews 11:3 tells us that faith precedes understanding (of the heart).

In the original language, however, it doesn’t simply say that darkness can’t comprehend light (the knowledge of God); it says it can’t take hold of it, comprehend it and then bring it unto itself. That’s why those who tend toward darkness (believing untruth) never experience the life of God.

As believers we must choose to believe God’s truth, even when we don’t understand it. If we choose to believe it, the Holy Spirit will teach us more than just the theological meaning, He will teach us how to apply it to our life and actually experience the grace to live it.

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