Quote for Blog - 021816Many Greek and Hebrew words have no exact English translation. Couple that with 2000 years of Religionists twisting the gospel and all this can be incredibly complex. There is no exact, simple translation of “believe” or “faith” in English. Faith is, at the core, “immovable trust.”

Since faith is an issue of the heart, we know that when we really believe something in our heart it alters our sense of self. Therefore, we have no sense of believing something that is not a part of how we live our life. That’s why the Bible explains that real faith always has corresponding actions. Why? If it is part of how you see yourself it is impossible not to “live it.”

We know that when we believe something grace comes alive in our heart and makes us able to do the thing we believe. It is that effortless power that emerges from our heart and manifests our belief in our character, nature and… decisions. To understand how our faith is connected to our decisions be sure and check out, The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions.

There is a last aspect to faith that is never discussed: the act of making a decision. Jesus came upon a blind man running to Him only to be met with this question, “What are you willing for me to do for you?” The KJV says “what wilt thou,” which in the Greek means “choose” or “prefer.” Until the blind man made a decision Jesus did not act.

Since we are created in the likeness of God we have to make the choice. Even though God’s promises are given freely, He cannot violate our will forcing us to receive that which is best. We must choose. The moment we make the choice, because we believe, the cascade of miracles begins to flow into our life. To understand more about this join me in CyberChurch this week for, God is Waiting on You.

making decisions CDUnravel the unnecessary complexities, believe the promises and make decisions allowing God to fulfill His perfect will for you.