Quote for Blog - 021916One of the truths that radically changed my life was that I never see anything as it really is; I see it the way it looks to me. This truth helps me stay open to the Holy Spirit and to those who can give me meaningful input, and it protects me from getting stuck in what I call the “emotional loop.”

When we observe the world around us we never see anything just as it is, we see it through the lens of our perception. Our perception is the product of beliefs created by past experiences. We decide if something is a threat or an opportunity, something to be feared or enjoyed, all based on what we have experienced in the past. This is why most people get stuck in the mode of “getting more of what they’ve got.” If you want to know more about creating a completely better life than what you’ve had, check out, The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions, series of messages.

When past experiences affect the way we interpret the world around us, we get locked into irrational fears; therefore, we are locked into the same types of decisions we have always made.  Since our life is the product of our decisions, this means we are doomed to more of what we’ve had in the past.

making decisions CDWhen Jesus mentioned opening blind eyes in Luke 4 He wasn’t talking about physically blind eyes; He was talking about perception. A broken heart alters our perception. We see the world through our past emotional pain. What’s even worse is we attract to us those situations that falsely affirm our fears. The only cure for this is the healing of our broken heart. Join me this week in CyberChurch as I share, Breaking Free from Your Emotional Past. If you don’t like what your past has been I will equip you to move on to a new future!

When you see the world differently you will have the heart to decide to live in God’s life and blessings!