Quote for Blog - 071216Sadly, that’s how many believers approach prayer. They actually believe prayer is where we talk God into doing what He doesn’t want to do, which presents many problems. If He’s God and doesn’t want to provide He must have a reason. Or, if I have to talk God into meeting my needs then I’m obviously more loving than God. But here’s the big question, if our qualification for the promises of God are ours through the Lord Jesus, why would we have to do anything other than believe?

Prayer, when based on the finished work of Jesus, doesn’t move God; it moves our heart. New Covenant prayer acknowledges what we already have in Jesus. We present our requests as children and heirs of God knowing what He has promised. We don’t ask to see if He will, we ask knowing He will!

In New Covenant prayer everything about how we apply faith has changed. Sadly, we keep following the Old Covenant model (which is a rejection of the New Covenant) then we wonder why it seldom works out as we expect.

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