Quote for Blog - 071116Generosity is in God’s core nature. By nature, He’s a life giver, not a life taker! He created the earth so it would sustain human life and provide for man’s needs. Provision is promised through His Word and even His name reflects His loving desire to meet our needs: Jehovah Jireh means “His provision shall be seen.”

All the lack in the world today is created by man. Planet Earth would have richly provided for the entire human race until the return of Jesus, but the Luciferian Elitists want you to believe God failed in His creation of Planet Earth and can’t be trusted!

For many of us who have struggled with God’s promise to provide it isn’t a theological issue; it’s a belief issue. We don’t see God as good and only good. We have accepted the oldest lie in the universe: God can’t be trusted! He isn’t good and generous!

This week we’ll look at God’s eternal pattern of provision and how it’s linked to His name, His Word and the finished work of Jesus. When you can trust God with your provision you’re dealing with one of the areas closest to your heart. It’s a “game changer.” Join me this week by clicking here as we explore New Covenant Provision.

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