Quote for Blog - 050216Self-worth is established by our sense of value. It’s one of the core factors that determine how we will live our life, make our decisions and decide on our values. Until your self-worth is established in Jesus nothing about your faith will work as intended.

We were created to get our sense of worth from the value expressed by God. He created us in His likeness and image and gave us freedom of choice to be and do what we wanted. When sin came into the world fear was the first emotional manifestation. Fear is diametrically opposed to love, and love drives out fear.

Fear always leads to lack of trust. Because we don’t trust God we don’t look to Him as the source of love, acceptance, strength and help. We look in other places to feel good about ourselves and, unfortunately, there are many destructive ways we try to feel good about ourselves: sex, drugs, violence, being right, always winning and the list goes on to every sinful action imaginable. Freedom from Emotional Debt relies on God’s unending love!

The love God has for us is as much about value as anything. Religion tries to make you believe God only has value for you when you “do right.” The truth is, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. That was the perfect expression of love! The one place you can determine your self-worth is at the cross of Christ; that’s how valuable you are to God. When you get your self-worth from Him you’ll finally Stop Stepping on Landmines!