Quote for Blog - 050316From the beginning, our involvement with God has been a loving relationship. It’s through this relationship with our Father that we actually know who we are and why we’re here. We are created in the likeness and image of our Father. Based on that connection we should have a deep sense of who we are.

The root of sin is the beliefs that we aren’t really who God says we are. Falling short of the glory of God means to fall short of God’s view and opinion. The root of sin (unbelief) progresses into actions that are beneath our royal identity! Freedom from Emotional Debt is deeply rooted in realizing and accepting our identity in Christ, the One who restored us to the Father!

All of our behavior, good and bad, emerges from our sense-of-self, i.e. who we believe ourselves to be. We’ll never permanently change our behavior without first changing our identity. When your identity is rooted in who you are in relation to God you’ll no longer Step on the Landmines that keep blowing your life apart.