Miraculous Probabilities: the Science of Faith

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8 Messages | From:$32.00

In this series you will:

  • Discover how to collapse all of the possibilities in the outcome you choose
  • Understand the God kind of faith
  • Access the secret encoded power that God placed there for our benefit
  • Learn the secret to the law of agreement
  • Discover the only way to change the world
  • Remove the variables that make faith “hit and miss”
  • Experience a new confidence in God and His miraculous power
  • Answer your nagging questions about operating faith

With the advent of Quantum Science we finally have an understanding of what goes on in the world of the unseen when we think, feel, believe, and speak God’s Word! Until now it seemed that Science defied and debunked the Word of God as some type of superstitious fable. But now we can scientifically prove what God has said from the day He created the heavens and the Earth!

This powerful eight-message series will make everything you have ever known about faith come alive and operative in your life. This is a must for everyone who is believing for a miracle!

The Finished Work of Jesus

by Dr. Jim Richards | Miraculous Probabilities: The Science of Faith