Our capacity to understand God and see Him as He really is, is all about beliefs of the heart.In 2 Corinthians 3:14, it says of the children of Israel… their minds were blinded. This word for “mind” would be more accurately interpreted as: “perception.” The word “blinded” means “petrified.” In other words, inflexible perception. It goes on to describe a veil on their heart. The heart is the seat of understanding. Our capacity to understand God and see Him as He really is, is all about beliefs of the heart.

A veil doesn’t make it impossible to see, but it does make it impossible to see clearly, or to see as it is. Paul tells us the veil is taken away in Christ. Only when we believe the truth about Jesus in our heart is the veil removed, allowing us to see God as He is!

The veil is only taken away when Jesus becomes the perspective from which we view God. We must believe Jesus to be the exact representation of God. Every Word God ever spoke is only understood from our beliefs about Jesus and His identity. To remove the veil we must see God and Jesus as One i.e. when we see all the works of Jesus, like heal, forgive, encourage, etc. this is exactly what the Father would do. When we believe the words of Jesus are from the Father, we accept His teaching that all of the law and prophets hang from and dependent upon this interpretation: love God, love people and love yourself. Finally, Christ removes the veil when we accept the New Covenant: all that Jesus accomplished through His death, burial and resurrection.

A revelation is not when God shows us something new. A revelation is when we view reality from a new perspective. I want you to look at God, yourself, the people in your life and the world around you and interpret it all based on Jesus. CLICK HERE and join me this week! Change your paradigm and you’ll not only change how you see God, you’ll change what you experience about God!