Before we can even address the issue of vetting we must understand why it is important.

Until one understands the history of Islam, their relationship to America and the other nations of the world it is impossible to know what is at stake. Only then can we conclude whether vetting is wisdom or foolishness. The core concern of many Americans is that we may provoke them to more terrorism. This idea is promoted by those who have created a false history and propagated a false narrative about Islam!

Islam, at its inception, declared a war of extinction on Christians and Jews before they had ever done anything against them!

Islam began approximately 610 AD. This means that Judaism was already thousands of years old and Christianity, which is based on the Old Testament fulfillment of God’s Word, was over 600 years old. Since Islam had absolutely no prior involvement with these religions, retaliation cannot not be the explanation for immediately declaring a war on both religions. Islam, at its inception, declared a war of extinction on Christians and Jews before they had ever done anything against them!

From its beginning, Islam has been a religion of hatred and violence. Annihilation of all who do not recognize Allah as the only God, Mohammed as his prophet, a belief and commitment to their version of apocalyptic annihilation, Jihad and Sharia as the only law they will honor are the five required beliefs and commitments one must embrace to convert to Islam.

Jihad is the call to a holy war to completely eradicate all people of the world who do not convert to Islam. Any who do not convert can be murdered, kidnapped, used for sex slaves, or anything they desire!

Failure to take up the call to Jihad is the reason why ISIS and other terrorist organizations kill their own people. Muslims who will not go to Jihad i.e. war against the great Satan (America) and the little Satan (Israel) are worthy of death! Likewise, they justify forcing their male children into war and taking their daughters as sex slaves for the Jihadists.

The propagandists in the west are either complete idiots, or liars working a political agenda. They refuse to explain: the ultimate goal of Islam is to bring about the end of the world where, according to their beliefs, Allah will judge and condemn all the infidels and the moderate Muslims to eternal hell! Their commitment to world domination and annihilation has never been an act of retaliation; it has been their sole purpose for existence!

Many point to the Crusades as the prime reason Islam hates the west and Christianity. What they fail to include in their biased or ignorant view of the facts is this: the Crusades were actually a reaction on the part of the western nations against hundreds of years of aggression, war, terror, and violence from Muslims fulfilling their commitment to Jihad! It was actually the mercy of those nations that prevented them from totally annihilating Islam. The Crusades were a desperate act of survival on the part of Europeans who had been plagued by vicious Islamic attacks for centuries.

Very few people know that our first war with Islam took place over 200 years ago. As a new nation we had done nothing to provoke Islam. Yet, they robbed and sank our ships, murdered many and held others for ransom. They were what we call the Barbary Pirates. For years the new American nation paid ransom and endured the murderous actions of Islam, seeking to find a peaceful resolve. They foolishly thought they could appease them through cooperation. According to some, the ransom and tribute paid to Islam totaled more than 20% of the annual US revenues.

Thomas Jefferson, the third president, studied the Quran to understand Islam. He discovered through their own writings that they deemed themselves entitled and obligated to declare war on all nations. He realized they were a religion of violence that would only be stopped by force. The government was slow to act and for years continued paying ransom against Jefferson’s warnings.

Jefferson and Adams met with Tripoli’s ambassador to Great Britain and asked by what right his nation attacked American ships, murdered, took slaves and charged such exorbitant ransom? His explanation was basically rooted in their belief that the Quran gave them the right and the obligation to declare war, take slaves and murder all who did not convert to their beliefs.

Then there is always the Israel argument. The Palestinians want their nation back! The irony is, however, there was never a Palestinian nation. The land purchased by Israel after World War II, which was their original homeland before being driven out by its inhabitants, was a barren land. There was no nation existing on that land. Some reports say it was desolate, even trees wouldn’t grow on it!

As Israel rebuilt its homeland, they employed desperate Muslims from many surrounding nations and allowed them to live within their borders. Their kindness has been rewarded by the terrorist acts of those same people who were given freedom and opportunity. Instead of driving all those people out, Israel has sought to appease its inhabitants and the surrounding nations. But those same nations have clearly stated and demonstrated they will only be satisfied with Israel’s complete destruction.

Those inhabitants cause terror, murder and conspire to the destruction of the nation that gave them a homeland where there was none. So when they walk through a crowded street and randomly stab people who have done nothing to them, when those people take down airplanes full of people who have never hurt them, when they teach their little children to wear suicide vests, when they rape, steal and sell women into sex slavery it is not provoked; it is unabashed wickedness that they feel completely justified to commit!

Any religion that feels entitled and obligated to murder at will has no need of provocation. They are provoked by their own beliefs!

Europe has opened its doors to unvetted Islamic refugees offering a helping hand. They are now experiencing an epidemic of violence, rape, theft and murder from those they sought to help. They have no reason to retaliate; all they have received is kindness; they simply believe it is their right and religious obligation! Any religion that feels entitled and obligated to murder at will has no need of provocation. They are provoked by their own beliefs! They simply take action when the opportunity allows, and opportunity is usually when there is weakness fostered by a humanistic concept of love and kindness.

According to many who have left Islam, you can only be a good Muslim if you are willing to go to Jihad, which will soon place moderates in a very difficult situation. At some point in the not too distant future, a Caliphate will be formed in the middle-east. When the Caliph, who they deem to be the true Messiah, the one we call antichrist, commands that Muslims all over the world either go to Jihad, be killed by Jihadists, and then face eternal hell… there may be no more moderate Muslims. There will be those that become Jihadists, those that seek refuge from the government and those that convert to Christianity!

So History proves that it really doesn’t matter what America or any other nation does or doesn’t do, they are on a holy quest to destroy Israel, America, Christianity, all religions of the world, and all Muslims who will not go to Jihad. The historical evidence is indisputable; their scriptures demand it and their teachers promote it.

If Islam is peaceful and only attacks when provoked, one has to ask what the innocent school girls did that provoked them to murder, kidnap and force innocent children to become sex slaves. Why are they beheading their own people who seek only to live at peace and provide for their family?

So what is vetting?

Vetting is nothing more than checking out someone’s background to determine if they are a threat to innocent Americans. Today, liberals all over Europe are watching their nation be destroyed, their daughters and wives raped, brutal beatings of the elderly, random stabbings because under the banner of humanistic love, they ignored history, their beliefs and their own statements! In fact, any world leader that does not force the vetting of all immigrants is unfit to lead his nation and obviously has no concern for the rights and safety of its own citizens. The blood of all who are harmed is on his or her hands and they too should be charged with wrongful death!

There is always a way to be kind without putting yourself or other innocent people in harm’s way!

Am I saying we should hate or persecute Muslims? Absolutely not! We should show them love when the opportunity allows. Jesus called us all to walk in personal love and forgiveness while at the same time demanding that civil law still be enforced. But ask yourself this question, What if my doorbell rang tonight, and I went to the door only to find people dressed in the clothes of a local gang known for its crime and violence? Then they request that I should let them come into my home to sleep, and they desire that I feed them. Now just imagine that your wife and three young daughters are upstairs sleeping. Then for concern of your family you hesitate. They challenge your faith: What kind of Christian are you? You should take me in. Would you take them in, even though you didn’t know anything about them other than their general reputation? Would it be cruelty to them to be cautious for your family’s sake? Or, would it be cruelty to your family to let them in without know anything about them?

ApocalypseGod’s Word that teaches us to walk in love also teaches us how to avoid the self-destruction of fools. Without judging others we can observe the fruit. We can be kind without committing national and personal suicide! There is always a way to be kind without putting yourself or other innocent people in harm’s way!

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