Quote for Blog - 051916God has already given us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him! That is the entire struggle of New Covenant faith. As believers we have the power to bind, declare unlawful or loose, and declare lawful based on what Jesus accomplished at the cross.

There are two key questions:

  1. Do you have knowledge of what to accept or reject based on the cross of Christ?
  2. Will you use your own authority to send away the curses and accept the blessings?

If you aren’t capable of doing these two things, through your own ignorance and unbelief you will be begging God to do what He has already done! This week’s CyberChurch message, The Finished Work of Jesus, will open your eyes to your rights and responsibilities.

Binding i.e. sending away, is where we refuse to give the right for any curse, anything outside of Jesus, to operate in our life and send it away. Loosing is where, after having let go of the curse, we take hold, choose and embrace in our life all that we have in Christ!

Religionists have kept the church in the dark concerning our new identity and authority. We have been made to believe we are waiting on God, which completely undermines our trust! The series Miraculous Probabilities: The Science of Faith will open your eyes to possibilities in God that are beyond your wildest imaginations, but within the reach of hope!

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