Quote for Blog - 052016It’s undeniable that God has done His part… all of His part. It’s also undeniable that our part is to have faith. But our definition and concepts of faith are rooted in the Old Covenant, not the New.  However, one co-factor for faith that receives is patience: the ability to stand under pressure without wavering.

When we think of faith as our way to get something from God we corrupt the entire process. We become impatient thinking we’re waiting on God to hear and respond. New Covenant faith is trusting the things that have been accomplished by the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  It’s pretty simple; we either believe God’s account is true or we don’t. We can only have a relationship with God to the degree we trust Him. Our trust is a combination of our character and how we perceive God’s character. Most believers trust God’s character but not their own.

When we trust what He has done we open ourselves to take hold of and experience what has already been given. As Jesus said, when we ask, if we believe we have received it we will manifest it! Patience, however, is needed in the gap between asking and manifesting. As long as we know we’re not waiting on God we’ll wait with patience. Join me in Cyberchurch for this week’s message, Faith and Patience, and learn how to win the war for your faith!

God offers miracles but we want magic. We want to use an incantation, tag the name of Jesus at the end and expect it will happen. Our faith must be in what Jesus has accomplished, not the way we structure our prayers. Faith trusts the character of God, not the power of word formulas.  Everything we experience from God will be by faith. When we enter into agreement with God’s account of the cross we find that place of rest where everything is “easy and light.” My series, Miraculous Probabilities: The Science of Faith, will show you the preemptive love of God programmed into all creation. Knowing God’s nature and intention gives us the ability to wait patiently with the assurance of the manifestation.