Quote for Blog - 051816Sadly, this is one of many areas where it’s all about how you define words. My very first pastor sat me down and said, “Jim, the Bible wasn’t written in English; don’t ever use a Webster’s Dictionary to look up the meaning of a word. Right there, as a new believer, I was introduced to the world of original language and it’s been the area I explore first when seeking to understand what a Scripture is saying.

The confusion comes when we define “receive” by its English meaning. We see it as passive, i.e. we’re waiting for God to throw the blessing to us and we’ll catch it. So we stand there with our spiritual catcher’s mitt open as if we’re on time and God is late! Join me in Impact CyberChurch for The Finished Work of Jesus, and you’ll learn the secret of receiving.

The word “receive” comes from a Greek word that means to “take hold of and bring it unto yourself.” The promises are already given, they are already ours in Christ, we are already qualified in Christ, all we can do is take hold of them and actuate them in our life by believing the truth in our heart.

My series, Miraculous Probabilities: The Science of Faith, may change everything you ever thought you knew about receiving by faith!