Quote for Blog - 040116The Bible tells us when we waver we cannot receive from God. Wavering is the result of shifting from one point of view to another. That to which we give our attention is the evidence we accept as truth.

In my series Freedom from Emotional Debt, you will learn to get past the delusion that your perception is the only reality. God has a reality. His reality and ours exist simultaneously, but we persuade our heart that one is more real than the other by looking at it, talking about it, complaining about it and meditating on it. You may say, “But I don’t meditate!” Meditation is simply thinking about anything until you begin to feel it’s real.

When you think about anything until your emotions start experiencing it as reality, you are meditating. The Bible teaches that what we get out of anything, whether good or bad, truth or lie, will be determined by the attention we give it. This week in Impact CyberChurch we will learn more about how to create the perception you choose, i.e. God’s view and opinion and how to draw life from His Word as we discuss The Prison of Perception.