Quote for Blog - 042516One of the greatest misconceptions of ministry is that we need to get people “right.” When that’s our goal we tend to think we need to show them how wrong they are so they’ll recognize the need to get right! So many people mistakenly believe the old saying, “You’ve got to get them lost before you can get them saved.” I’ve led thousands of people to Jesus and I’ve never done it by convincing them of how bad they were; I simply convinced them of how good God is.

Hurt people do hurtful things, dysfunctional people do dysfunctional things and abused people usually become abusers. If we help them heal their hurts through loving intimacy with God everything will change. When they stop hurting they’ll stop hurting others.  As the Apostle John said, when we experience God’s love we will express God’s love. Freedom from Emotional Debt will give you tools to help you move past deep hurts that drive you to destructive and hurtful behavior.

The Apostle Peter found that it was more fruitful to remind people of what they had in Christ rather than point out their shortcomings. In this week’s CyberChurch message, Getting Whole or Getting Right, I’ll help you change your focus of trying to get right to getting whole through the love of God. Start telling people about the goodness of God. Remind your believing friends who are struggling that the righteousness of God is in them. Point people to what they have in Christ and when they actually believe it will manifest in their life.