Quote for Blog - 042616Very few Christians actually win the lost. In fact, the majority have never won anyone to Jesus. Most of those who do win the lost are new converts who are excited about the new life they have found in Christ. Therein lies the answer. People talk about that which they enjoy and about that which they are excited! When we leave our first love we always leave our first works. Before you beat yourself up, let me say it’s hard to be excited if your walk with God has become dull and your need to witness is done from guilt and obligation. The Apostle Peter said, be ready to give an answer to those who ask about the hope that’s in you. It’s easy and nonthreatening to share Jesus with people who are asking questions. This is another example of the need to let God work in us from the inside out. The more you experience the goodness of God, the more you’ll find yourself talking about it. I’ve led dozens of people to the Lord in the workplace simply by conversationally talking about all the good things that were happening in my life.

Freedom from Emotional Debt will change what you’re experiencing in Christ, which will change what you talk about. Wholeness will transform you into a witness. A witness isn’t someone who goes around trying to witness to everyone. A witness is someone who has firsthand knowledge of the facts. In this week’s CyberChurch message you’ll discover that ministering to others is the natural outgrowth of being made whole. Join me now for Getting Whole or Getting Right!

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