Quote for Blog - 022416One of the hardest realities to accept is that we can only see what our mind accepts. The eyes don’t actually see. The brain creates the visual pictures by interpreting the light coming through the eyes; therefore, what the brain can’t conceive it will block or change the picture.

Reports found in Columbus’ logbook record an interesting phenomenon. In search of food and supplies they often stopped at islands inhabited by primitive people. To his surprise, the natives had no capacity to see Columbus’ ships. Yet, when they lowered the smaller longboats to take an exploratory party to the shore, the natives saw the ships. To the inhabitants it looked as if they came from nowhere.

We train our brain to accept our version of reality. That version of reality is based on what we have experienced in the past. Those things that are beyond our past experience can rarely be conceived by the brain; therefore, when the eye picks up the image our brain has no reference for what we see because it is unwilling to perceive what we insist isn’t real! To learn how to get past the false perception of your world, be sure to check out, The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions teaching series.

making decisions CDGod’s promises are so good they are far removed from our life experience. Access to the promises starts by making a decision based on God’s Word. As a result of our religious, political and social conditioning we have no concept of success coming from how we see, not what we see.  Join me for CyberChurch this week and I will show you how Breaking Free from Your Emotional Past gives you the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over, free to choose the life God promises!