Quote for Blog - 022516Everyone seems to think the solution to their problem is God sweeping in and “fixing” everything; but God actually has a better plan for us. God has provided everything we will ever need for every situation, in Christ!

The fact that we are created in the likeness and image of God means God cannot make decisions for us. He can provide what we need, He leads us down the path of life, He can comfort and counsel us, He can even give us the inner strength to make this journey; but He cannot make our decisions. That’s why this series, The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions, is so important for every believer. Religion says ”pray long and hard and God will one day take care of this for you!” But His Word says, “You make the decision and I’ll work in you to bring it to pass!”

The truth is, God can’t get any bigger in your life. He can’t get any more present than He already is. His Word says He is with us and in us. He will never leave, forsake or fail us. Our problem is we are not experiencing Him with us, we are not hearing Him as He leads or feeling Him as He comforts! Why? Simple! The focus of our attention!

God doesn’t come into our life bigger; we simply place our attention on Him and begin to experience His presence more profoundly! A spiritual mind is one that is focused on Him instead of the circumstances.

The Psalmist said, “Oh magnify the Lord with me! Let us exalt His name together!” This worshiper realized that God would be magnified, i.e. made bigger in his life as he exalted and praised His name. One primary way to exalt God is through thankfulness. Opening your eyes to what you have is the first step to opening your eyes to see what you could have!

Much of the power of your emotional past is the result of focusing on what is wrong instead of what is right and what you don’t have instead of what you do have. Join me in CyberChurch and discover the power of thankfulness in Breaking Free from Your Emotional Past!

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