3. The War On Earth

The Bible says that we as believers should understand the strategies of the wicked one. Unfortunately, many of us don’t. We think Satan is more powerful than he is. But he really has no authority. The only way he can implement his desires is by tricking human beings into believing his ways are better than God’s ways and exercising their authority on Planet Earth.

In this week’s CyberChurch message, “The War on Earth”, you’ll discover how Satan gained authority and how he uses it to deceive people and rob them of every good thing that Jesus died to give them. The mysteries of knowing God, His power, and how to live victoriously will be unlocked and your eyes will be opened. You’ll be equipped in ways you wouldn’t believe as you discover more about the ancient mysteries of Planet Earth and how knowing and understanding those mysteries will benefit you. When we have an understanding of these things, it validates so much of what the Bible teaches. And when we believe the Bible, we can’t be controlled by outside forces.

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