2. Spiritual Origins
The Bible teaches us that we can’t fully understand a truth until we know how it began. When we know how something began, we can understand exactly what is happening and why. Then, we can have confidence in how it will end.

Sadly, many Christians are like the person who walks into a mystery movie when it’s halfway over. They missed the beginning; therefore, they don’t understand the plot, the players, or anything that’s happening. They’re lost and confused. That’s how many of us are. We open the Bible to the New Testament and believe it doesn’t matter what came before. But it does matter!

If you want to understand the spiritual origins of all things affecting Planet Earth today, I encourage you to watch this week’s CyberChurch message. My new series, Ancient Mysteries, is incredibly encouraging and will open your eyes to many things the Bible has told us, but the world has kept hidden.

You will love where this takes you! It will open your understanding of God and free you from all the confusion created by religion and false science.

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