1. Ancient Mysteries

Who built the pyramids and other megalithic structures around the world? What was their purpose? How were the ancients able to calculate the position of individual stars and constellations without computers or telescopes? How did they know scientific facts thousands of years before modern science? How were pyramids, temples, and other megalithic structures erected more precisely than anything we can build today? Until you can answer these questions, you will easily be seduced with counterfeit explanations.

The most important question is this, “Why do governments, scientists, and educational institutions put so much effort into hiding the truth?” These historical facts that can be easily proven, destroy false science. How? They prove the validity and accuracy of the Bible, possibly more than anything other than the resurrection of Jesus. This is what governments, occultists, and elitists don’t want you to know! When you have these answers, they can no longer seduce you!

In this series, I’ll provide Biblical answers that will forever change the way you see God, understand the Bible, and the world around you! This series will give you the keys to unlock the most incredible mysteries in the world! The blinders will fall from your eyes, and you’ll break free from the deception designed to prevent you from seeing God!

Join me for CyberChurch as I begin a new series, Ancient Mysteries: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe.

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