Quote for Blog - 050416Nearly everything religion says will lead to sin, but the Bible teaches just the opposite. We’re taught that more rules will make people live right, but the Bible says law is the power of sin. An ancient proverb says, “too many laws corrupt the people.” Religion says humility is feeling badly about yourself, but the Bible says humility is giving up your opinion of self for God’s opinion. All sin issues have their roots in two concepts: what we believe about God and what we believe about ourselves.

The door that holds you in emotional prison is your corrupt concept of self. When your eyes are open to how God sees you, you’ll discover Freedom from Emotional Debt. You’ll walk out of the prison created by faulty thinking and you’ll stop repeating the past.

When we have a healthy sense of self-worth that comes from knowing the love God has for us, we’re more capable of healthy relationships with God and man. People with self-worth can show value to others and they can walk in love. By accepting God’s love for us we fulfill our ultimate destiny: a loving relationship with God and man. Join me this week in Impact CyberChurch to discover why a healthy self-worth will help you Stop Stepping on Landmines!