Quote for Blog - 050516The absolute worst sin is unbelief! Faith believes God is who His Word says He is and He will do what He says He will do. Faith also believes God is a generous Rewarder! The moment we disbelieve what God says about Himself or believe what someone says about Him we’ve made Him out to be a liar! There is no way to connect with, know or experience God other than accepting Him at His Word. Notice, I didn’t say “at what other people say is in His Word.”

While God has made extravagant promises, the most challenging things He says are not about Himself. All the facts of creation and God’s wondrous acts are scientifically proven and can be understood by simply observing creation. But, the hardest to believe are the things He says about us. He says we are loved, we are accepted, we are righteous, delivered, blessed, protected and much more. Instead of believing what He says about us we believe what our emotions tell us. We consider our emotions to be more true and reliable than the Creator’s Word. We exchange the truth about who we are in Christ with our self-judgments. Freedom from Emotional Debt teaches you how to move past your limiting view of self and into God’s limitless view of you.

When you Stop Stepping on Landmines, you’ll be amazed at how differently you’ll see God. Join me in CyberChurch today and change the way you see God!