Freedom From Emotional Debt

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Unresolved pain of the past is a form of PTSD. You may not remember it, but until it is resolved it shows up to destroy your life until you completely lose confidence in God and in yourself!

The very first issue Jesus addressed when beginning His public ministry was healing the broken heart! When your heart is healed:
• Painful experiences of the past have no power of you.
• You are able to see yourself as God sees you.
• You don’t bring emotional sabotage.
• You find the ability to see opportunity instead of pain.
• Every area of faith and love gets easier.


Nothing in life ever works as it should until our heart has been healed. Jesus offers us a Year of Jubilee where all our emotional debt of the past is cancelled and, for the first time, we can be free to live the life Jesus promised! This message has been a life turning point for thousands. Heal your heart and heal your life!

With this series you have free access to exercises that will bring you instant relief from the past!

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