Quote for Blog - 030416God never wanted life to be hard; He wanted us to live in Paradise. When Adam brought sin into the world everything changed. Many people think God cursed the earth as punishment, but the Hebrew leans more to the idea that the earth was cursed by Adam’s actions. Since Adam had dominion over the earth his destructive action brought the very consequence God had warned: death.

God did not leave us to suffer from the consequences; He sent Jesus to heal our broken hearts. Jesus didn’t just die for our sinful behavior; He died for our emotional distress. That’s why His very first public message was the announcement that God had anointed Him to heal our broken heart.

God does not want you in emotional pain and distress. He has already made a way for you to be free from the pain of the past. For more information about Freedom from Emotional Debt: Healing the Broken Heart, check this out.

Sadly, most of the prescription God gave to free ourselves from heartbreak and pain is ignored by the majority of believers. Instead of applying God’s Word we attempt the religious formulas that do not work, have never worked and, no matter how hard we try, will never work. Step into this week’s CyberChurch message Emotional PTSD and start finding a biblically-based, New Covenant solution and put an end to your pain.