Quote for Blog - 052316Lucifer was the first to introduce the idea that God was not good. The temptation in the Garden revolved around the idea that God could not be trusted. From that time forward the core of all Luciferian doctrine revolves around the lie that God is not consistently good! The Religionists seized upon this corrupt concept and developed corrupt church doctrine:  be afraid of God, He might do anything, and He can never be fully trusted. All this then moves into more subtle deception: God lets things happen to us. God allows these things. The truth is, all these doctrines have one thing in common; they originated in the heart of Lucifer, the deceiver.

Which part of the, “thief comes to kill, steal and destroy but I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly,” do we not understand? Was Jesus lying? Is He the thief? Our problem is we waver when circumstances contradict the promises of God!

Most people have never read the covenant of peace that God made with Jesus so we’re clueless about the terms and provisions. God made a covenant with Jesus that said He (Jesus) had conquered all the curses, obtained all the promises and after the cross God would never pour wrath on Him again.

Since we are in Christ this means that anything God wants to do to us, He would have to do to Jesus first. For God to make you suffer, sick or tormented He would have to deny and violate His covenant with Jesus!

This week learn more about Faith and Patience by learning more about the incredible finished work of Jesus.


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