Quote for Blog - 062216God doesn’t need us to do anything. Everything God tells man to do is a prescription that either prevents destruction or delivers us from destruction. In the Old Testament Israel thought the sacrifices were made for God’s benefit. They had come to believe what the pagans believed, that God was appeased by the sacrifices. But they, like us, were completely wrong. God doesn’t need anything from us.

In Psalm 50 God explained that the entire earth is His, He owns all the cattle and all the animals, so if He were hungry He would kill it and eat it for Himself. The offerings didn’t benefit God; when the offerings were done in faith they were a benefit to the people. Likewise, worshipping the name of God is completely for our benefit.

Real worship only takes place when it’s done from the heart; in other words, when it’s meditative, reflective and personal. As we acknowledge God’s name we should consider what that means to us, how that’s expressed through Jesus and what it would look like fulfilled in our life. Involving our heart turns talking into prayer, singing into worship and celebration into praise! This week in Impact CyberChurch as we explore Entering Into the Secret Place you’ll discover the incredible power that emerges as you worship the name of God.

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