Actually; forgiving others is not a condition for the promises being given to us, but it is a factor in our ability to receive. The word receive is not a passive word. In other words, we are not passively sitting here ready to catch the promise when God decides to pour it out to us. The word receive means: to take hold of something and bring it unto ourselves! We can only take hold of that which is being given!

Unforgiveness is one of those sins that deeply affects our conscience. Now that we have been born again we have a righteous nature. When we fail to walk in love, our conscience becomes violated, negatively affecting our ability to take hold of what God is offering! The Apostle John said our failure to show God’s love to others causes our conscience to condemn us. That guilt deteriorates our confidence in God and His answers to our prayers!

A violated conscience can lead to what the Bible calls a double-mind. A double-mind wavers from one point to another point. It is not fixed on the promise or on the problem. It goes on to say, a double-minded person cannot receive from God. Remember, it didn’t say God stopped giving or offering; it said we can’t take hold of what God is offering!

JOIN ME this week and take another step toward standing stably in the promises of God and end your wavering. God’s promises are yours; you want to be able to take hold of them with confidence!