God has already said yes concerning all His promises to all who are in Jesus.The Bible tells us that Jesus reconciled the entire world to God. Then it goes on to say, you be reconciled. So, if Jesus has done His part for everyone who will ever live, then no one is waiting on God. Everything has been provided. It’s not God who needs to make a decision; it is us!

The word reconcile, among other things, means to exchange. On the cross Jesus performed His part of reconciliation. He became our sin that we might become His righteousness. As a result of becoming our sin, He bore the consequences of our sin. He became poor that we might become rich! He became sick that we might be healed. He was rejected by God that we might be accepted.

God has already said yes concerning all His promises to all who are in Jesus. If you are in Christ, as a result of being born again, the only two questions left for you are these: “Do you believe what Jesus did for you?” and, “Do you believe the result of being in Him is that the promises really are yours?” If so, make the decision!

JOIN ME this week; I want to help you grasp the exchange and help you enter into all God has provided for you through the exchange of the Lord Jesus.

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