Quote for Blog - 082616That’s an idea that’s part true and part false. It’s according to what a person means when they say they believe in Jesus. Do you believe what the Bible says about His identity, ministry and mission or did your beliefs about Jesus come from some other source?

Everything Jesus ever said was based on everything the Father said in Scripture. This is why He was called the Word made flesh! A rejection of any part of the Scripture is, to some degree, a rejection of Jesus’ teaching and, therefore, a challenge to His Lordship. Since everything about Jesus was revealed in the Old Testament scriptures, to reject the Old Testament scriptures leaves us believing in a philosophical idea about Jesus.

When we believe on Jesus we have the right to become sons of God, John 1:12. When we believe in His death, burial and resurrection our heart is transformed. When we confess Him as Lord we experience salvation, Romans 10:9-10. To confess Him as Lord is surrender to His interpretation and application of the Scriptures, regardless of how we understand it. This is called faith!

The three greatest threats facing the believer today is: we don’t need to know the Scriptures; the deception that we can believe any version of Jesus we choose; and Lordship is not essential to experience His life. Those who make these compromises will never be overcomers in the days ahead.

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