Quote for Blog - 082916Yes! God used nature as one of the ways to convey biblical truth. In fact, in Romans 1:20 Paul points out that nature itself, i.e. the true laws of physics, reveals aspects of God’s nature. The only real conflict between science and the Bible occurs when either side has an agenda or simply misunderstands the information.

Until the advent of quantum science the Newtonian laws of physics (which is fairly accurate for understanding large masses) seemed to put science at odds with the Bible. Now with the advent of quantum science we are seeing this gap close.

We know life is impossible without light. But light itself is not life, it only carries the life. Likewise, it is the light of God’s Word that reveals the truth about God that protects us from erroneous ideas about God. Without the light of God’s Word we would be like the ancients who only had the oral traditions that were handed down from generation to generation and often became distorted.

Light is the primary way God illuminates the paths we are walking. When we get our wisdom for life from God’s Word we are able to properly assess the appropriate action in any situation. Likewise, when we trust God’s Word we have the light to discern if it is the Holy Spirit leading us or our own thoughts.  Those who don’t know or don’t trust the Word follow their imaginations into all manner of unscriptural and sometimes even anti-christ doctrine.

One of the many interesting aspects of light is that light carries information. When we connect to Jesus personally there is an exchange of life and light that takes place. The life is the light. In other words, when we experience the life of God we simultaneously experience the light: information, understanding and revelation. ‘Want more light? Connect to the life!

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