Sometimes we look at the mega ministries and think they are reaching all the country; the job is being done! One could even come to think that as a small ministry we are insignificant. I think about Joel Osteen’s church when I think of a large church. After all, his is the largest in America. While I don’t know Joel, I vaguely knew his father. The man who built a mega church, the man who was a pioneer in what became the charismatic renewal, the man who has influenced millions of people around the world, always took time for the pastor of the small church. Great leaders recognize the value of every church, large or small. That’s why they take time to invest in every church leader. Great leaders know that all leaders are great!

Yesterday while attending a church tax law seminar, I was told the definition of a mega-church was any church of 250 people or more. I was once again reminded that somewhere around 80% of all churches in America are less than 200 people. While I wish every church in the country had 1000 or more members, I am reminded of the reality: it is the guy who has 100-150 people in his congregation that is pastoring America.

George Barna presented this astounding information in his recent update ( Very few people in the world or in the church are actually being touched by the biggest names in ministry. According to him, “Five of the highest-profile Christian leaders – Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, James Dobson, Tim LaHaye and T.D. Jakes – were unknown to a majority of the population. Most of those leaders were also unknown to most born again Christians.” Read Entire Article

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