Quote for Blog - 032816Everything in God’s Word can be presented in a way that builds people up or tears them down. It can make you feel loved and safe or rejected and fearful. God’s intention is that His Word always brings life, always builds you up and always makes you feel loved and accepted. There are only two things that can prevent that from happening: the way the person preaches the message or if your heart condemns you!

In my series Freedom from Emotional Debt I will show you how to face and conquer sin without all the guilt, shame and drama. Religion, which is a substitute for a relationship with God, always makes God appear angry, frightening and vengeful. The God who desires a fatherly relationship is loving, patient, kind and merciful!

The Church has been so twisted and unscriptural in its approach to sin that instead of being children who run to the Father we love and trust to lead us back to the right path, we hide our sin, blame-shift, deny and make excuses.

This week in Impact CyberChurch I want to help you get over the fears that come with personal failure. I want you to feel safe running back to your Heavenly Father where you will find mercy and grace in your time of need. When we stop running away from God and run to Him in our time of need we will end our Emotional Suicide!