RevelationRecently a friend asked me, “What is your doctrine about the end times?” As I thought about it I realized because there are so many different factors involved in end time teaching it may be hard for people to identify what I believe to be the central and most essential doctrinal factors.

I have actually stated my core belief about the end times numerous times. In fact, it’s very simple and relevant to real life. You see, much of what people believe about the end times really doesn’t matter. For example, what you believe about the rapture really doesn’t matter because your beliefs aren’t going to change when and how it happens.

Then the question emerges, “What if I’m wrong about the rapture? I could put all of my hope in it happening one way and then be totally devastated if I’m wrong.” There are some subjects in the Bible that are crystal clear; however, there are other subjects that get more confusing the more we talk about them. For example, we know that no matter how bad it gets Jesus will return and establish His Kingdom here on Earth. We can find some comfort and some sense of justice from this.

We know for 3 ½ years the antichrist will bring tribulation on the Earth to all who believe in God as Jehovah, i.e. Jews and Christians. We know this will be a worldwide tribulation, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We know that for the next 3 ½ years God will bring tribulation on the antichrist and his followers.

But that doesn’t answer the question, “What do I believe about the end times?” There are many things I believe that I think are important but not essential. But here is what I believe is essential. I believe it is essential that every believer learns to yield to the grace (power) of God. I’m not talking about the doctrine of grace – some vague idea of grace as a state of being, or some permissive liberal lifestyle – I am talking about the grace that worked in Jesus that made Him able to do all that He did and endure all that He faced. I believe this and this alone will give us the strength to face and overcome any obstacle or any persecution.

I believe every believer should learn to hear and follow God in their heart. This will be the key to making decisions in a time when the world is unstable and all the previously trusted ways of maneuvering through life are no longer reliable. I believe this is the key to following God to safety and protection for ourselves and our families.

If these two factors are a real way of life for us it really won’t matter what does or doesn’t happen. We’ll always be able to follow God and always have the strength to do what He leads us to do. Everything else is irrelevant! This is why I produced the new series, When Grace Reigns and Darkness Prevails. This series holds the true spiritual survivalist’s preparation secrets! This series, while dealing with the negatives of the future, offers more realistic hope for whatever is ahead than anything I‘ve ever heard. And if we never see the end in our lifetime this series fully equips us to face any disaster.

Be sure to get your copy today! You can download the MP3 version and listen within minutes or get the CDs; either way, you’ll be equipping yourself for anything the future brings!

     What do you think is the most important thing you should do to prepare for the end?