Quote for Blog - 072216This is a truth that the religionist cannot fully accept. Jesus was tempted in every way just as we are, yet without sin! Until we accept this we will never be able to follow Jesus’ model with the hope of the same outcome He had: always living in victory. Jesus showed us how to be an overcomer… no matter what we face!

The Luciferian Spirit, according to 1 John, does not believe that Jesus really became a real man with a real human body. Why? The moment we accept this reality we can employ the same methods He employed and we too can always get our prayers answered, always win over temptation and, according to Jesus, do the same works He did and even greater!

Jesus had the same desires we have: we know this because He had a 100% human body. The first thing that tells us is this: temptation is not sin! After all, Jesus was tempted but did not sin. Temptation begins with our desires. These desires only become destructive when we fail to trust God’s promises to fulfill all our desires! The second thing it tells us is that we can overcome temptation every time!

The way Jesus taught us to pray was one of His keys to winning over temptation. He taught us to follow His model of prayer: He set His life in order by choosing the way and will of God.  He established the Kingdom of God in His life by the choices He made in prayer. He taught us to make our decisions about our desires in prayer not in the heat of the moment!

Join me this week in Impact Cyber Church to discover Jesus’ secret to always overcoming temptation. CLICK HERE to listen now! If you’re ready to establish a prayer life that really works CLICK HERE for more information! You can set your life in order when you discover and apply the principles of New Covenant Prayer.

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