Quote for Blog - 072116As a believer our entire life revolves around the fact that we are in Jesus. God made a Covenant with Jesus, not with us! Jesus received an inheritance: the Kingdom of God, all the promises of God, and deliverance from the curses of the law. Because we are in Him we share in that Covenant; therefore, we can have what Jesus deserves or what we deserve. Our trust can be in the finished work of Jesus or in our own works. Our understanding of the “in Him” realities is the absolute key to living in the New Covenant!

When we became believers we were baptized into the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit and we are now one with Him. In prayer we fellowship, which means to share in common that which He has: the life of God! This is done by faith. Our prayer, worship, praise, confession and meditation should be with Him concerning what we have in Him. This should be our reality; after all, it’s God’s reality!

God has always expressed Himself as merciful. Mercy is His nature. But because of Christ we can always expect to get what Jesus deserves and that will always be better than we deserve. God can only do to us what He will do to Jesus, and you can be sure God never pours wrath, anger or rejection onto Jesus. After the cross, which Jesus endured for our benefit, God swore He would never have wrath on Jesus again.

Join me this week and discover how easy it is to give others better than they deserve when you realize you’re Getting Better than You Deserve from your heavenly Father! To step into this week’s message CLICK HERE!