Quote for Blog - 030216When it comes to having a great life, self-confidence is as essential as self-worth. One question I have asked many groups is, “The last time you were afraid to step out in faith, was it because you didn’t trust God or you didn’t trust yourself?” The answer is always overwhelmingly the lack of trust in self!

We all know “God can.” The problem is; we don’t know if we can. This is why it’s important to follow through on every decision. Every time we give up or quit something it affects our confidence and even creates patterns that manifest in our brain. For example, if a person quits a diet two weeks into it they’ll experience a flood of various emotions. For some it will be guilt and for others it will be the euphoria of eating what they want. Then the next time they attempt to diet, at exactly two weeks into it they will begin to struggle with all the emotions that cause them to fail. From then on it will seem they can only last two weeks at a diet.

It’s amazing how quickly we can program our brain and body to fail on schedule. In my series, The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions, you will learn how to break these patterns while establishing new patterns of success that build your self-confidence.

You’ll never overcome old patterns by willpower alone. This is one of the many places we need the grace (power, strength, capacity) of God. There are all kinds of simple exercises a person can do in just minutes a day that will help influence your internal thoughts, feelings and beliefs by influencing your heart and mind. Join me this week in Impact CyberChurch. I want to show you the simplicity of Stepping Into a Life of Blessing.